Don Padou's Guide to the District of Columbia
Freedom of Information Act
(D.C. Code 2-531 et seq.)



This guide to DC's FOIA is intended for use by attorneys involved in litigation and is not intended for use by pro se parties. I have, for example, assumed that the reader is familiar with the D.C. Superior Court's Rules of Civil Procedure and has a full understanding of such concepts as "burden of proof" and "fee shifting."

If you are a pro se party, you can successfully vindicate your rights under the FOIA, but you vastly increase your chances of winning by retaining a lawyer. Many lawyers do not charge FOIA plaintiffs a fee for their services because the FOIA statute includes a provision that requires the government to pay attorney's fees reasonably incurred by a prevailing party. If you do not already have a lawyer then feel free to give me a call; I have successfully represented reporters, newspapers, bloggers, neighborhood groups and regular citizens in FOIA cases.

If you are a lawyer with a FOIA case then please feel free to give me a call: I will be happy to extend you the professional courtesy of discussing your case with you.

All of the information on this site was as accurate as I could make it at the time the site was created. The law changes and users should confirm that the relevant statutes and regulations have not changed. Users are also cautioned to do their own research to update and Shepardize any case listed in the Table of Cases or cited in the Guide.

Good luck!
Don Padou

Law Office of Don Padou